These are san mai knives.  Each knife is forge welded with high nickel, low carbon steel as the "sandwich" and a core of high carbon steel, usually 1095 or 1084.  I did this to achieve the look of a hamon, while having a fully hardened blade. 

San mai with 1084 core and bone handle

San Mai and cocobolo in a Bowie style.

San Mai and Natural Micarta.  1095 core steel.

1095 San Mai with Mesquite and linen micarta.

San Mai and Camel bone.  1095 core.

San Mai and cocobolo dagger.

San Mai and Black and white ebony.

San Mai, and micarta.  Blade sheath.

San Mai and cocobolo hidden tang, with deluxe sheath.

San Mai and black canvas micarta hidden tang.  

San Mai and Cocobolo.  I used  G-10 spacer with some linen micarta.

San Mai and Carbon Fiber...I will probably not be using carbon fiber again in the near future.  It was miserable to work with.

San Mai and natural micarta.  It is cut so the bias edge is on the side of the handle.   It is interesting and looks like wood.

This is san mai with a different finish.  It is aged with cold blue and bleach.  I kind of like the look because it looks like it has been around for a hundred years.

Had a customer ask for one that was like the one in my website background.  Here is the result.